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Bahati juggles human resource work and coaching

Bahati Hilda Sabiiti is a human resource manager of three sister radio stations. She is also a life coach. She shares how she organises her tasks during the week.

I do a daily morning TV show which starts at 6am, but because I’m on maternity leave, I pre-record one which airs once a week. Mondays are usually characterised by back-to-back meetings with staff. I do reviews of the weekend, and give guidance on how the week ought to look like.

Tuesday & Wednesday:
These are shooting days. They are dedicated to recording my television show which airs on Thursday, and my coaching videos. These are broadcast and uploaded on TV, YouTube, and other social media platforms. After shooting, we embark on producing the videos with a whole production crew.

This is when I go back to the week’s overdrive of the human resource roles. But also in between, I have to ensure that I get time to pre-record a love radio show that I do for Bob FM. It airs at night, and I don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the law, given the current standard operating procedures and prevailing curfew.

Besides office work and recording shows, my Monday and Friday tend to look much similar because I get to start and close the week, respectively.
And this is when I tend to my personal business This is when I do my life coaching sessions and meet clients.

This is ideally supposed to be a resting day, but I still go out to meet clients who are busy during the week. On the social side, I get to meet friends for a chat. Before Covid-19, I used to do high school tours on career talks and I hope to resume soon.

Ideally, this would be a day for church, but because of Covid-19, I rise up and prepare special meals for my family. As a couple, we supervise our building projects. I also do laundry and general cleaning.

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