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2020 is a dead year for Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo started off 2020 with a hit. As we speak, “Tweyagale” stands at 50 million views on YouTube. The hit came at a time many life eaters were recovering from his 2019 endyear banger.

“Semyekozo”. And just as the singer was starting to count his 2020 blessing, Covid-19 happened and he was locked out of the country for more than three months. On return, he was caught in a scandalous disagreement with Bobi Wine and now what we are hearing is that Kenzo will not be performing anywhere this year.

The BET winner was lined up for a performance at the Club Beatz Season 2 that starts this week. But according to a source, Kenzo refused to be part of it because he is done for the year. That all performances have been halted until next year.

Our efforts to reach him hit a dead end as he refused to pick our calls and reply our messages but when we contacted his management, they said they have not been contacted by anyone and in any case, the artiste is not the right person to talk to concerning any deals. His only role is to step on stage and perform.


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