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Sheebah pours self out in Samali

In the new album, Sheebah dares herself by trying out different genres. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Samali” is the bravest girl I have ever met! She’s special. God created her as a blessing in disguise.

Believe it or not, there’s no Sheebah Karungi without Samali, just like there is no Samali without God. My favourite Samali, so far, is coming out soon,” Sheebah said while announcing the release of her new album a few days ago.

The album, titled Samali, makes this Sheebah’s fifth album after “Nkwatako”, “Beera Nange”, “Queen Karma”, and “Ice cream”.

Album five could be the self-proclaimed Queen Karma’s favourite so far because it is a project that talks about her hustle, musical journey to the top and also showcases her ability to flawlessly fuse different kinds of music genres. We cannot ignore her choice of artistes to feature on the album as well as the team that put it all together.

For those that did not know, Samali is Sheeba’s third name and she decided to introduce that part of her through an album which she also dedicated to every single woman out there, especially those suffering.

“I truly believe that a woman is one of the most complex but amazingly graceful creations of God. We as women have to endure a lot in life. We are predefined by society: Women often give away their strength and energy to please undeserving partners, trying to build a future on loose sand. Therefore, I dedicate this album to the women in this world who feel deeply. For those who stay messy-hearted in a world that may not always be kind to them. For the women who are doing whatever they have to do to make it to tomorrow the women who get up in the morning when they do not want to, the women who face what is scarred within them, the women who are working every single day to be gentle and soft with themselves when they have been given every reason to harden. I dedicate this album to the women who believe in something hopeful; the women who feel everything intensely and allow themselves to feel that way,” said Sheebah.

The 18-track album that is now available on all streaming platforms include both new songs and those we already know, including, “Oli Eyo”, “Love Ya Kitundu”, “Ekyama”, “Empiki”, “Tevunya’” featuring Fik Fameica, “Ninda”, “Enyanda”, “Nakyuka”, “Empeta” featuring King Saha and also a rendition of Ragga Dee’s “Empeta” and “Kale Maama” which features the legendary Chance Nalubega.

Among the brains that put the album together was top producers such as Nessim, Daddy Andre, Ronnie, Eno Beats, Artin, Baur, and Alexander Muge while some of the songs were penned by Ragga Dee, Kalifah AgaNaga, Frank Lion, Daddy Andre, Nicky Mulla and Song Boss.

The Team No Sleep singer releases this album at a time when she continues to command her place as the top female artiste for a fifth year running.

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