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Kenzo is a hero, cut him some slack!


Edirisa Musuuza has been criticised for the past weeks because of what he should or shouldn’t have said. We can all agree that talking about Bobi Wine now is akin to tying a rope around your neck.

If you do not apologise, you may live to regret having mentioned his name so for Kenzo, it was just a case of choosing the wrong topic, bad timing and of course the case of not loyal friends. But with all that said, he should not have been bashed because, this guy is a national treasure.

He knows, his fans know it, and his friends and some people in different governments know it.
Kenzo has achieved in less years what some of our celebrated top artistes have not in many years. He has a BET award to his name. He has the biggest following on Instagram among Ugandan artistes, the highest number of YouTube subscribers and is one of the most decorated artistes in Uganda but still Ugandans have refused to acknowledge that.

You still undermine him by excluding him from the top four, you call him names such as ‘Cry baby’, laughed at him when Rema left him for a ‘campuser’, laughed at his English, blamed him for calling for a press conference just hours after a Facebook live video and much more.

It is these things that hurt Kenzo. Things that make him hate Uganda, yet he feels he has done so much for this country. You owe him that much because dude even donated his BET award to the Uganda museum with the aim of inspiring the youth. He has a soccer academy under his Big Talent franchise where the ghetto children have a vision of becoming professional footballers. He has a record label that signs and promotes artistes.

Like Bobi Wine did, taking the ghetto to Parliament, Kenzo has done even more by taking both Luganda and Uganda to global heights.

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