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Styling metallics for men

Stand out. Shimmer shimmer shimmer… don’t we all like how that just quiets the room? How about taking this on to your wardrobe?

Personally, I believe you cannot make a fashion statement with basic pieces. The bolder the item or fabric, the bolder the statement you will make. People are not turned by anything basic, but rather by what is out of the ordinary, or thought out of the box.

For instance, if two men stepped out with suits; one with a muted shade, and another with a bold metallic fabric, chances are high the one in the metallic piece will turn more heads. So, this week, we are shedding light on the latter, with focus on how to style your it, without looking like you just walked off the stage at the circus.

Choosing metallic for your outfit does have its bonus points. For starters, you can easily switch the fabric detail from your casual pieces, and blend into your dressed up ensembles. Take the suit, for instance; you can have your jacket made in the flashy detail, and keep your bottoms muted and simple, in order to balance out the look.

Alternatively, you can switch it up and have both your top and bottom with a metallic detail. However, unless you have the confidence to pull it off, it would be ideal that you keep your metallic in a simpler shade, say silver.

If suits are not your thing, then you have the option of wearing this rather flashy detailing on your casual pieces such as jackets, bucket hats or even pants. For instance, to your denims and simple tee look, you can add a gold metallic puffer jacket, for your head-turning accessory. You can also decide to have the detail on your jogger pants, shoes, or even sunglasses.

Whatever your preference, ensure that your metallic is not too blinding. Wearing it in minimalist elements is best suited. That way, you have a stunning look, without leaving those around you blinded from all the shine your metallic outfit is serving.

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