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Mayday: A church and Toto down…

So let me ask like a fala, now that all and sundry, the high and mighty, the church mice and not publicity Nateete have come out to condemn the demolition of St Peter’s Church Ndeeba, will the court order be quashed and if it is, will the church be rebuilt and if it is, who will foot the bill, Dodovico or Don Solo?

But also who demolishes a church and then as if to make the tale more riveting decides to do it at night during curfew hours, never mind that most of us secretly think the curfew is a fallacy?

Don’t the people who sell and those who buy church land and then demolish church houses be fearing that holy fire will burn them and all the generations that will come after?

Poor great grandchildren would suffer curses of some unnatural disease with no idea why. But also, isn’t God love and full of mercy?

Why are we so sure He is going to curse Dodovico and his offspring? Why are we speaking for God and spewing fire and raining hailstones as if we are assistant angels?

Yes we are angry, justifiably so, even the minister Beti Kamya insists the demolition is a satanic piece of art.. errr, rather work. But, what would Jesus do? I doubt He would be throwing curses left right and centre, but what do I know?

Whether there was a court order or not, what happened was outrightly wrong, well at least morally, and I don’t condone it at all. However, the cynic in me believes there is more to this story than we are being told. So as you froth at the mouth, please froth slowly and spare some of that for kwekalakasa in case there is a twist at the end of the story.

Take an example of the strange tale of young Toto Nalumansi and her Nigerian Don. One minute she is equating him to the tail end of the human backside and while we are still trying to wash her vile choice of words out of our sweet not-so-innocent minds, she comes back in part two on bended knee begging him to stay with Close II You’s 1998 hit, Baby Don’t Go on replay in the background.

And then somewhere in between, there is that nasty fight where he beats her, kwegamba bibuzabuza…it is confusing! It is best to stay out of it after all, according to her, all lives matter.

The moral of my incoherent submission is that fights between lovers just like those between the Church and the State, can be dicey.

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