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Ebuka and his pocketful of hands




Chukwuebuka Obi-Uchendu is that man in Nigeria who wears nice but sometimes confusing clothes and shows up on your TV screen every Sunday night to host the Big Brother Naija eviction show. Let’s call him Ebuka – that’s what everyone calls him anyway.

He has been the show’s host for four years in a row, so his employers must be happy with him. Ebuka, who was also a housemate in the show’s first season in 2016, caught my fancy all of the two times I have watched the show because of one thing – his struggle with pocketing and unpocketing every two seconds while on set.

Yes, his clothes are nice, in fact they ooze class and finesse, he has even been declared the best dressed man in Nigeria by people like artiste Banky W ( Never mind that the latter is his friend). The other day, I saw a Facebook post in which Abryanz, a self proclaimed collector of all things quirkily fashionable-ish sang praises of the green ensemble Ebuka wore last weekend.

I also remember the white Benin regalia he changed into on the show’s opening night and countless other cool people clothes he must have worn on the nights I had more important things to do (read sleep) rather than watch Nigerian millenials admire themselves in front of mirrors half naked and lust after fellow housemates.

But every time he shows up on set, before we get over trying to admire and understand his outfit, we are quickly drawn to his hand- in- hand-out-of -pocket, motion. If I was counting, I would say he did that thing about 100 times last Sunday but I wasn’t counting, so let’s go with 99 times.

The 38-year-old TV host and fashionista happens to be a lawyer with a Master of Laws degree specialising in Intellectual Property as well as Communications law and hosts or has hosted a number of other TV shows.

They say he is one of the most influential and wealthy media personalities in Nigeria and is also married to a billionaire’s daughter. So perhaps, this hand motion is his body failing to contain its excitement at how good life has been to him.
If hands could speak, his would say, “I can’t stay still! I am young, famous, good-looking, rich and I don’t even have to wear yellow or pledge allegiance to the NRM party.”

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