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They came knocking and I was sooo ready


On the Beat: Sammy Wetala is the solution to everything on The Beat and he does put work into it.

Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with the charming, articulate and chatty NTV presenter.

1.How did you join the Beat?
I auditioned for it. I did not make the final cut but I was able to get positive comments, which inspired me to venture into media-related events where I met an awesome group of young journalists through the Media Challenge Initiative and it was from here that I was spotted by 97FM Radiocity, which opened doors for me and before I knew it, NTV was knocking at my door. I gladly opened, and now it is my home.
Growing up, I had wanted to do anything that involved Literature. My first target was to become a lawyer, so I sat the Law school pre-entry exams at MUK and I passed but when admission lists were released, I had been offered an opportunity to study drama and film on government scholarship and the power of theatre and film captivated my heart, soul and spirit.

2.What makes you different?
I believe all presenters are uniquely gifted and the power to spot our unique qualities lies in the eyes of the viewer. But besides TV and radio, I am a playwright, poet, actor, director, creative writing teacher and an events emcee.

3.Who would you say inspired you to join the media business?
So many people, from family, friends, to strangers on social media who bless you with kind words. In a world that is filled with so much hate, they appreciate the little steps you take and that goes a long way in keeping you trusting the process and holding onto the vision.
However, growing up I always admired Mitch Egwang because he always has fun on the job yet he manages to remain professional, powerful and polished.

4.What do you love most about working on NTV?
The fact that it lets you grow amid all your flaws and before you know it, you are flowing with so much glow.
But on The Beat, which I present, I enjoy the Premier Tuesdays because I get to listen to songs that are fresh from studio and I also get to interact with fresh talent that is taking the industry by storm.

5.If there is something you would change about your presentation, what would it be?
I definitely wish I would speak more languages so that I get to interact comfortably with pretty much anyone within and beyond our country’s borders.
But besides that, I’m good because I live by three secrets; Research about the guest, research about the guest again and then research about the guest again and again.

I went to St. Angella Primary School in Manafwa District, St. Peter’s College Tororo for my O and A level and I have a Bachelor of Arts degree In Drama and Film from Makerere University.
If I wasn’t on TV/radio…
I would be in film and theatre as an actor and writer.
My co-hosts on The Beat…
I love the fact that they spread great vibes only and they stay true to who they are 24/7.


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