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VIDEO: Jackie Chandiru and Arrow Bwoy drop new song




Jackie Chandiru has teamed up with Arrow Bwoy, Kenyan musician on a song, The One. The video which was released yesterday shows the artistes in a gothic-like setting and dressing, singing and asking to be the one to each other.

The song which has simple and singable beats is in English, Swahili and a little Luganda, showing that the two artistes tried to cater for both the Ugandan and Kenyan audiences.

The One is Jackie Chandiru’s second this year after she released Quarantine in June.

The release of this song is good news to Jackie’s fans as it shows she is getting better and focusing on her music career after a long battle with drug addiction.

Jackie had been open about her drug addiction and had shared her story of pain and recovery. However, she had a relapse in 2017 and rumour was that the condition was serious.

She was then flown to Kenya so she could start her life over and also get sober.

In April this year, Jackie showed off an engagement ring on Instagram saying lockdown wasn’t only about tears, but tears of joy.




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