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The camera helped me survive through Covid-19 lockdown



Johny Musisi Kasumba alias Joni Musi is a professional photographer and founder of Lenz studios. Before Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, business was booming atrcting several clients but lately, just like any other business, he’s struggling. We caught up with him to explain more about photography.

When did you join this business?

I think it is about seven years now since I’ve been taking photos and it’s been my main source of income. It’s my profession and a hobby as well.

Why photography of all businesses?

Well I chose photography because it is the perfect means I could use to exercise my art. You know photography is art itself.



Photography is wide. Tell us what exactly you do?

We do professional photo-shoots for people and products, and shoot music videos. We also do photo framing\editing. We also have a photography and video class where we equip the youth with necessary skills in production. We also do
graphics and branding.
We shoot a wide range of people and products, these include mostly musicians since we are in Makindye and there is a lot of entertainment business so musicians are our daily customers though the studio is open to the whole public still. We also shoot events, commercials, music, videos, parties, weddings etc

How have you managed to survive through this pandemic?

We have managed to stay afloat during this pandemic by use of internet mainly. I do have an online photography class where I lecture camera skills to the youth and this has in a way helped me to still be actively involved in production as well as learning more about photography and these lessons are also available on our YouTube channel.

What are your charges?

Actually the prices depend on what exactly our client wants because each client comes with a different taste and preference. But the prices are very pocket friendly.

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