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Gloria Nankunda ready to reap from the music


Chasing dreams: Everyone comes into the industry with something to offer and Gloria Nankunda believes she will impact the music industry the same way she has her other endeavors as Isaac Ssejjombwe explores.

The feeling. Gloria says she enjoys the thrill that comes with connecting with her fans PHOTOS /COURTESY

1.You were once a radio presenter at KFM. Tell us a bit about your radio journey.
I was a radio show host with KFM but I started my career with Step FM in Mbale fresh out of high school. I was the first female voice on air in 2006), I then joined Capital FM, Vision Radio then KFM.
I literally did all time slots, from sitting in for Aisha and Roger on the morning show, to sitting in for the in-house sports anchor (Patrick Kanyomozi) during the 2010 World Cup while he was in South Africa to Lucky Mbabazi’s late night show. I was an all-rounder, I enjoyed my work, especially the company of my listeners.
I left radio to follow a new path, which saw me move to Canada and as expected music and acting came calling. I enjoy the whole creation process, I love a live audience and I love connecting with people in real time, stolen moments and vice versa.

2.From media to singing. What was the transition like?
I had always been on stage as a child and teenager but I had not explored it as an adult. For me, it was not just a matter of time. My background and experience is all grounded in music, life and being quite overly sensitive. My paternal grandmother was a member of Kitabi Parish choir until she passed on. She was an amazing Bass range singer who never missed any mass. I just needed to own my experiences to be able to translate them into words and lyrics.
Among the songs I have recorded since is Njagala Gwe featuring Brian Flex and DJ Evoz, Zasetuka, Far and Beyond, How Long, Miss You, and others.

3.Some people kickstart their singing careers early, what took you so long?
First I had to believe in myself and work on my confidence as a performer. I had to come to terms with my stage fright, but also work on my craft. You could be talented but if you do not respect your work and work hard at it to give it a firm foundation, it might come to bite you in the long run.

4.Being based in Canada, what strategy do you have to penetrate the Ugandan music industry?
Through people like you who take time to interview me, listen to my music, share my social media posts etc. Then also my team and I are working on a strategy to achieve that on the ground, part of which includes collaborating with other Ugandan artistes both at home and abroad.

5.Tell us about your family and school background?
I was raised by a single mother; a tough and very principled teacher. I am a Munyankore from Kitabi, Bushenyi and the first born and only daughter of three.
I went to Ishaka Kindergarten, Kashozi Primary School, St. Mary’s Nabbingo Primary, Bweranyangi Junior School, Bweranyagi Girl’s Sec School then Makerere University Business School where I pursued a Bachelors of Information and Office Management degree for one semester before being transferred to Makerere University for a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. I also attended Toronto Film School.

About Nankunda
I am a singer, songwriter, actress, executive producer, producer, director, voice-over artist and host. I am a typical jack of all trades when it comes to the entertainment industry. I am also the founder, CEO at Gisha production Inc.

I am inspired by life itself but led by my faith in God. The ability to connect with other human beings through music and the stories behind the music.

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