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What became of Big Eye’s threats to sue Museveni over Shs270million debt!




Artiste Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye surprised everyone when he came out recently and gave president Museveni an ultimatum of 14 days to pay him Shs270million lest he takes the matter to the courts of law.

Through his lawyer Jonathan Kiryowa, he threatened to sue the NRM party and its chairman, Mr Museveni claiming that he had not been paid the money he worked for during the 2011 presidential campaigns.

He believes, he contributed to a resounding victory for president Museveni and therefore, should be paid even though there was no contract signed.

Big Eye had given Museveni and his NRM party 14 days to respond to him in cash or he would take them to the courts of law.

Well, the 14-days elapsed on Monday but since then, Big Eye hasn’t taken any action.

The only thing he said was that he was to hold a press conference last Wednesday which also didn’t happen because of the artiste’s health conditions.

“Ladies and gentlemen the artiste will not be able to hold his press conference which was to take place tomorrow. This has come as a result of his health condition which is not good at the moment. The new date will be communicated as soon as possible. We regret the inconvenience caused,” the statement read.

The ‘Salompasi’ artiste later announced that his son was bedridden and that God should intervene.

“The President has my money and he has refused to give it to me, now I am sick, my son is also sick, God please help,” the said.

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