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The Gombyas back to doing music

After almost five years of supposedly dropping the mic, power couple Sam and Sophie Gombya have decided to return to the music industry.

From what we have gathered, the couple have so far recorded four songs: Tolinonya, Nkuyimbide Oluyimba, Salawo and Omuwumbo with more still coming.

Asked why they have decided to come back now, Sam Gombya told us that the recent crop of artistes are just suffocating the industry and band music seems to be dying.

“The truth is band music is phasing out, so we decided to at least find means of bringing it back. I sat with my wife, Mesach Semakula and Kato Lubwama and agreed to give it another shot,” he said.

The Dembe FM presenter also told us Mesach offered them free studio sessions for whenever they want to record a song. As for us, all we see is too much lockdown time. Welcome back guys!

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