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The beef between GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju is not about to end

                                                      Gravity Omutujju

What started as a simple misunderstanding between artistes has now gotten into real beef between GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju.

The two have been at each other’s throat for a week now and it’s getting serious.

Recently, GNL posted on his twitter account that Gravity didn’t give credit to the late Paul Kafeero when he re-did his ‘Walumbe zaya’ song which also turned out to be his breakthrough song as well.

“Inspirational lesson: When I wrote Ani Yali Amanyi verses and sampled the Ugandan legend Elly Wamala to bridge the gap of old and young crowds in Hiphop. It brought success and introduced Hiphop to more masses. Four years after I had shown that the formulae worked, Empty Tin also got inspired and made Walumbe Zaya sampling Job Kafeero! I was inspired by Elly, and I give credit. Does Empty Tin give credit to anyone? Not letting success build upon success and respect but bickering being small minded!!!” GNL Zamba posted.

Gravity reacted by asking GNL if he was sane when he posted this because he credited the late Paul Kafeero in the song and went ahead to sing at a concert organized for him in Kyotera for free back in 2015.

                                                             GNL Zamba

He added that perhaps the Baboon forest entertainment was looking for relevancy because he’s no longer relevant as he lost touch with the generation he used to sing for and further called him for a music battle to sort this once and for all.

When GNL heard this, he reminded Gravity that his aim now is to promote Hiphop in Uganda.

“I’m not looking for relevance. I’m looking for ideas to promote hiphop. I’m not used to musical fights especially to those who are not on my level. Therefore I can’t grant him his wish of a battle,” GNL concluded.

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