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Stranger’s ‘prophecy’ becomes Nancy Kacungire’s BBC reality



Being a news anchor on a local TV station is nice but working for a global station like BBC is somehow a blessing unexplainable to many. Few Ugandans would not be as lucky as Nancy Kacungira to have such a dream come to reality.

The former NTV anchor is now a force to reckon with in not only the Ugandan media but also Africa as a continent. Even with such success, she still holds key memories that perhaps shaped her as a person like when a total stranger prophesied that she would once work on BBC.

Nancy took to her social media and shared her conversation with this stranger.
“I remember, in 2012 when I was just starting out as a TV news presenter at NTV Uganda, I exchanged brief pleasantries with a very kind viewer of the station who spotted me in the parking lot at Shoprite in Lugogo. ‘You’re a good anchor,’ he said, ‘One day we will see you on BBC”. I smiled politely and said thank you, but it was really never one of those things I imagined could happen, or even thought about; I was a realist after all. Now that I am a BBC presenter I look back and marvel at how a complete stranger could see something in me that I never did, “narrated Kacungira.

Further, she explains that after her education, she was so confused about what to pursue, how to make her life matter and live out her purpose. She decided the best she could do for a ‘career plan’ was simply to trust God.
“If you seek Him diligently and apply His wisdom in your life, all the rest shall be added. Your lack of clarity need not be a disadvantage. Instead this weakness can make you more reliant on a God who can manage your future far better than you. His strength is made perfect in our weakness,” Nancy writes.


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