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Stop putting science before God, Mbonye demands for churches to open

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, President Museveni ordered the closure of schools and suspended religious gatherings across the country in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus.

Churches have been closed for four months now and during the recently concluded presidential address on the pandemic, he said that he is yet to meet religious leaders to see how to go about the reopening of places of worship.

Yesterday July 22, 2020, Prophet Elvis Mbonye held his much anticipated Facebook live session dubbed “Secret Perspectives” and amongst many things enlightened on what is happening in the world of worship.

Prophet Mbonye thinks the devil has used the pandemic to close the church and also dictate how people should worship. He further said that like in the bible when Moses overcame idle worship, Christians today need to overcome this obstacle.

“At first Pharaoh wanted Israelites to worship within a given parameter; in some guidelines, with things not prescribed by God, or prescribed by scriptures. God says the way you can worship me is in this mode, but they say to make sure you are not more than 100 people.”

Mbonye called for the unconditional reopening of churches, stating that no man or entity has a say on how God should be worshipped, but God Himself.

He said that instead of quoting science, all issues should be referred to the written scriptures because not everything that befalls human beings is certainly brought by God.

“Faith is being sacrificed on the altar of science. People are saying in order for Christians to practice their faith science has got to first accept. If science doesn’t think you can practice your faith as scripture says, then you just cannot practice it. And it has become very prevalent. Science is taking the throne,” he said.

He took a jab at some of the church leaders that are advocating for scientific guidelines to re-open places of worship, the leader of Zoe Fellowship Ministries longed for fresh leadership that is mindful of the prescriptions of God other than giving up to the science.

“It would be understandable if it was happening in the unbelieving secular world; but it’s even within the church, among the pastors. You hear it being quoted, ‘because of science faith has got to be put on hold.’ Somehow faith has got to be compromised. ‘Things concerning God first put them aside. Science should tell us what we should do’.”

Mbonye said it will be very disheartening if God happens to come and find his people are being taken away by the logic and deception surrounding the virus.

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