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Sophie Gombya resigns as Uganda Musicians Association president

Sophie Gombya and Ykee Benda during the UMA swearing in ceremony

In 2019, the Uganda Musicians Association got a new committee that was meant to deal with the problems that local musicians face in the industry.

This was a step up and the country hoped to see some work done since the association was a bit unclear ever since Swangz Avenue’s boss Julius Kyaze stepped down from his position as the chairperson of the committee due to unclear reasons.

As the committee was revamped in May last year, local musician Sophie Gombya was sworn in to be the president of the committee but a year later, she has decided to resign but for her case, the reasons are quite clear.

Effective from July 31, Sophie Gombya will step down from her seat as UMA president to pursue her political career as LC5 woman councilor in Kampala Capital City Authority.

This has put confirmation to the posters that have been going around on social media that left people questioning if her intentions to run for the position were true or false.

Since the association does not permit members of the UMA committee to take part in politics, she cannot be part of it any more.

She will also be leaving the vice president of the association Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda as the acting president and with the help of the other executives, the association will still run accordingly.

Within this period before she is out of office, Sophie has promised to help with the transition process and assist in training her successor via video conferencing.

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