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Ragga Dee claims he owns Tugende Mukikade

Veteran musician Dan Kazibwe, alias Ragga Dee, was caught on the wrong side of the law a few days ago when he claimed he is the owner of the annual Tugende Mukikadde event.

This followed anticipation for payment to event organisers for the losses they made during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is said that all the affected people will be compensated for the losses they made during that period by the government.

However, when Ragga Dee’s claims ‘fell on the ears’ of the real owner of the event, a one Patrick Kalunji, aka Shubi, did not wait to confront the singer to understand what exactly he was up to.

From what we learnt, the singer told Shubi that the process of getting paid would be easier if he was fronted as the owner of the event.

When we tried to get a comment from the Mbawe singer, he did not answer our phone calls, neither did he reply our messages.

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