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Politics aside, online shows are the real deal!

I do not think I would sell out for money and a handshake like Full Figure and Ashburg Kato did to their ghetto fadha.

Maybe I am just not ambitious or streetwise enough to sing praise to whoever offers the highest price, but I still do not see myself selling out. Okay maybe I would, but in kamooli. I am not even a Bobi Wine apologist but anyone can see that he is our future. If not in ideology well then in biology.

Our current leaders will not live forever, and like it or not, younger people have to take over. Two years ago I had a conversation with my Kenyan brother who follows Ugandan politics as much as he does his country’s and he sung endless praises for Kizza Besigye whom he referred to as the wonderful doctor.

This weekend we talked again and he still loves Besigye but not more than Bobi. He too insists that this ghetto musician turned politician is what the future looks like.

So anyway, away from my attempt at pretending to be interested in the politics of this our country, Bobi Wine had another amazing concert at the weekend. He called it the Freedom show. They started off on a beautiful boat cruising on Lake Nalubaale, sang a few songs, then docked at his beach where they continued to do the rest of the show. I loved this show better than the first one for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Nubian Li’s kundi was not showing. The other time, the shirt he wore was oba how, it made our eyes squint. This time though his nicely fitted white shirt was perfect. Even the rest of the crew’s dress and colour choices were on point and then of course the water and the boat. I wish they had worn life jackets though. I kept thinking Joseph Sax would get so carried away with the music and fall off the boat.

Bobi did a nice tribute to Paulo Job Kafeero and then dedicated a song (We are fighting for freedom) to Rita Nabukenya who was knocked down by a police car and then sang a song that had a line, “If we only come together, we can chase this man away.” Kwegamba, it was a nice spectacle.

Then he threw jibes at his ‘bayuda’ saying their exodus was a blessing in disguise because if they hadn’t left, he’d have never known how cheap they are. What I am trying to say is that, these online concerts are the future so buy data and enjoy them.

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