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Oversized blazer for men

Big is cool. Forget the ugly oversized coats our ministers wear, this trend is for only the cool people.

Now, before we go any further, I felt like this particular segment should begin with a disclaimer.

The oversized blazer I will refer to in this piece is in no way similar to what most of our older politicians or your LC 1 chairmen are seen wearing. You know the ones that have hems going over the entire hand, and lapels falling almost to the knees?

This oversized blazer in today’s fashion recommendation is an 80s style inspired accessory that is versatile, as it allows you to wear it over anything from jeans, chinos, to even shorts.

The trick is to find a style that works well with your body type, find an appropriate occasion to don your stylish ensemble and have the confidence to pull it off. Still don’t get the picture? Read on.

For starters, the oversized element is what makes this jacket stand out, meaning it should be a size bigger around your sleeves, chest area and even around the lapel.

It will go over the standard mid-crotch length for the ordinary blazer and this will go a few inches lower, so as to achieve the over-the-size look. There are several ways to wear this jacket, depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

You can decide to wear your jacket with a matching oversized pair of pants. To this look, you can decide to go formal, and have on the complete full suit, complete with some dress shoes, and a tie.

Alternatively, you can decide to go casual with this by simply wearing sneakers and a T-shirt. Add a cross body bag and some cool sunglasses to this and you will have the perfect street style look.

You can also decide to wear your oversized blazer with a pair of skinnies instead, so your jacket stands out as the centre of attraction for your look. Anything from sneakers, brogues or even the double strap sandals will work like magic on this look.

Other bottom options include chinos, corduroys, and even shorts. Switch up your shirts and accessories to suit whatever look you are trying to achieve.

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