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Monday troll: Bobi should listen to Zari

Bobi Wine said nothing when his rabid dogs were tearing into Zari’s skirt. And then he travelled to Jinja. He surely got some balls, that one.

But the People Power man got it wrong. You do not let your rabid dogs tear into Busoga’s finest and then go to her home city to politick. Unless, of course, he was in Jinja to apologise the man should have used the excuse of going to Jinja to apologise on radio and no one would have yanked him out of the station like that.

Bobi should appreciate that Zari understands politics. Politicians jump from bed to bed and Zari has uuuuhm…. So, if you cannot even respect that and you think you can jump from Magere to State House, even flies will laugh at you. Now, listen to Zari, will you?


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