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MC Ivy lives up the Gulu vibe

Bad gal: Elizabeth Ivy Akumu, aka MC Ivy, is an emcee and underground rapper. Having started out as a songwriter in 2013, she has gone on to grace big stages. Isaac Otwii caught up with her on her journey in the entertainment industry.

What is it like emceeing in an industry dominated by men?
Women are generally seen as the creative ones, and that is in nearly every aspect of life. Therefore, being a female emcee makes me likable as I always have a lot of creative juices. Because of our nature as nurturers, I am able to have a more interactive event compared to my male counterparts, who tend to be chattier. It feels great when you do something you love and the energy is amazing. I have learned and unlearned a lot from different people.

What drives you as an entertainer?
The belief that I have in myself. You have to always believe in yourself even when no one else does.

When did you join the entertainment industry?
I got actively involved in 2013 and I remember the first song I released was Anthem, a song that reminds us that we all have dreams and all we need is to put in attention.

What are some of the other songs you have done?
I have worked on quite a number, both singles and collaborations including Africa Lobo Na, Acknowledge the Spits, GT cypher which features 10 rappers, Hip Hop for Life ft. Mcee O.Kreezy, Pcy, and Draei and my most recent release was a few weeks ago. It is an advocacy song on ending child prostitution and I did it alongside Lagulu Production. My new Miss Ghetto Album is still loading and I hope to release it this year.

What have you achieved from this industry so far?
Well, emceeing and music are a long journey. An achievement to me is like learning, it never ends. I have learnt a lot during the eight years I have been in this industry.

Tell us about your education.
I went to Unifat Primary School, Wits College Namulanda, Gulu Central High School, St Pope John Paul II College and did a diploma in Law at Law Development Centre. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in law degree at Islamic University in Uganda.

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