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Lockdown has nothing on us — MaxData

Duo goals: Mbale’s dynamic duo Bya San, real name Isaac Kiiza and Medi, real name Meddy Wandukwa, may not be staging shows but things are not bad as Olivier Mukaaya finds out.

How did you guys meet to form MaxData?
We come from the same village in Namanyonyi and that is where we met. We used to sing separately in our village but in 2017 we joined forces and started singing as a group.

What makes you unique from other artistes?
We are different in the way we write our music, we are from the same village, we went to the same school and are best friends.

What kind of music do you do?
We do dancehall, afro and RnB.

What are some of the songs you have produced?
So far we have 15 songs, including Obukyayi, Jogodo, Nakyuka, Kaana Kambata, Onuimbila Bulungi.

Which artistes do you look upto?
Goodlyfe because they inspired us a lot as we started out.

How are you coping in this lockdown as artistes?
We are managing well because we have a good manager who is ensuring that we are still doing music.

What should artistes do in this period to deal with the situation?
Artistes should take time to do research, write good music which is educative, make albums since there is plenty of time.

Have you produced any new music during this season?
We have written and produced a number of music, although it has not yet been released.

How many songs have you produced and who produces them?
We have produced more than 15 songs since we started in 2017 and we have worked with different producers, including Daddy Andre, Anther Pro of Sam Records, Doctor Deniscris, Hyna Pro, and Cypher on the Beat.

What do you do apart from music?
Bya Sam: Apart from music I run a salon in Mbale Town while Medi does production and graphics in one of the studios in Mbale Town.

Where do you see yourself after Covid-19?
We see ourselves as the most selling brand because we are doing all we can to bring the best music to the people of this country and also sell to other countries.

What advice can you give to your fellow artistes?
They need to work hard and also work together. They also need to stop fighting each other but instead help uplift each other in order to sell our music outside this country.

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