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I’m not carrying Feffe Bussi’s child – Leila

At the start of this week, news circulated that Feffe Bussi had impregnated a woman, only known as Leila.

This information first appeared on the said victim’s Facebook page and also in a Facebook group called Love Stories.

“Fefe Bussi smallest rapper impregnated me and gave me HIV six months ago. I have come here to publish this story to the public because I need your help. My name is Leila Official, I’m a Musoga by tribe,” reads part of the post.

However, in a phone conversation with Feffe Bussi’s sister, Leila confirmed that she got rid of the pregnancy and wasn’t the one behind the Facebook post.

“My account was hacked, although I do not know who might be behind it all. Maybe one of my friends and it is not true that I am pregnant because I terminated the pregnancy,” said Leila in a phone conversation.

We could not get hold of Feffe Bussi but we reached out to his manager, Arafat, who said someone with a hidden agenda might be pushing Leila to tarnish their name and that he will be getting to the bottom of the matter.

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