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I will work with Bebe Cool when I become president- Bobi



Pictures of Bebe Cool’s son chilling with Bobi Wine’s son went viral a few months ago and suddenly there were theories that the two artistes might actually just be faking the beef for fans.
Is there any truth in this though? Is there chance that these two might actually work together again someday? Well, according to Bobi, this might happen next year… only after he takes over the toppest job in the country.

During an interview a few days ago, Bobi said: “If I become president, I will make sure that all entertainers get equal treatment. What Eddy Kenzo gets will be the same as what Nubian Li and Bebe Cool get. Every artiste will be special.”


The Firebase president added that what was being done to entertainers like Bizonto and Gerald Kiwewa is what Bebe Cool sung about in his Kawuna song.
Bobi Wine this month launched his National Unity Platform party ahead of next year’s general elections.

Bobi Wine said the party will be the political wing of his People Power Movement. The party symbol is a red and white umbrella.
He previously announced his intention to run for the presidency in 2021 when President Yoweri Museveni is expected to seek a sixth term in office.

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