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Diamond was a woman-beater – Wema Sepetu


Diamond Platinums plants a kiss on Wema Sepetu’s cheek. COURTESY PHOTO

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has revealed the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of Bongo heartthrob, Diamond Platnumz, when they were lovers about a decade ago.

Diamond’s music career had just taken off and Wema was the most sought after and bankable actress at the time.


But behind the all their lovey dovey, the actress claims she got accustomed to nursing scars inflicted on her body by Diamond.

“What I remember most is his stroke. It was dangerous but I wanted to be beaten by him because after beating me he would comfort and I could enjoy it,” Wema told a Tanzanian newspaper in a recent interview.

Wema claims Diamond made a habit of beating her up, but she could not speak about it because, she says, she was madly in love with the boy from Tandale.

And when her family eventually learnt about it, she would even defend Diamond for battering her.


“One day Nasib sent a text message to me and he was concerned about it. He hit me with a sharp tablet on my cheek, and then my brothers found out. They even gave it to the newspaper. But I told them I would like to be beaten by him so they let me. I liked it that’s it,” she recounted.

Even so, Diamond eventually dumped her for her close friend and fellow actress Jokate Mwengelo only for him to go back to Wema few months later, before they broke up again.

Wema’s revelations come at a time Tanzanian musician Shilole is trending after she posted a picture on Wednesday of her injured face after being assaulted by her husband.

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