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Daddy Andre should know his HIV status – Angella Katatumba

Daddy Andre (L), Angella Katatumba (R). COURTESY PHOTOS

Angella Katatumba has explained the importance of her ex-boyfriend, Daddy Andre testing for HIV.

According to Angella, it’s important for couples to test and know their status. She therefore disregards Andre’s beliefs of testing only the woman who will become his wife.

“Andre should not only test his wife. It doesn’t make sense. Even your wife, you have to first date her,” she said in an interview on Spark TV, adding that Andre saying he can’t test is a very reckless statement.

Angella split up with Daddy Andre earlier this year, after, she said, he refused to have an HIV test done.

Angella however says that she’s grateful that Andre fulfilled the most important part in her life.

“The chapter that Andre fulfilled in my life was the most important part in my life which is music. He wrote a very beautiful song for us. I am so grateful to him,” she said in the interview.

She adds that she has nothing against Andre and wishes him the very best.

Angella also said that despite the fact that she was single during the lockdown, she has never stopped receiving applications from men.

“I have been receiving applications. I am not going to say that I am with someone. I am going to leave it open because I do not want to discourage the other applicants,” she said.

Angella and Daddy Andre dated for a few months before they split up. During the time they dated, the two were seen hanging out together almost all the time and even worked on music together.

Many rumours went around as to why they were no longer together but Angella came out to state the reason.

On her social media pages, she said “I also left him in January, because, he completely refused to do the HIV test,” adding that it was a difficult decision to do so because he had treated her really well, spending over Shs20 million on her and pouring “all the love on earth” on her.

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