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Cyberbullying is a real thing…let’s jail ‘em all!

Infamous is a movie about a couple that somehow becomes an overnight sensation when the woman decides to stream their robberies online.

The more they run away from the Uganda police of those ends which is hot in pursuit on their heels, the more they become infamous.

A 2020 release, the story of Infamous, starring Bella Thorne and Jake Manley, would score highly, locally, here mu Uganda — especially where people thrive on gaining ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ from and by bashing others online.

Some do it for a living. They are paid to do so. Some do it because they have time, and MBs or free city council WiFi.
Others, I just don’t gerrit. And you know those are the most.

Joker guys like a certain TV presenter person that should never celebrate his stardom gained by continuously cyberbullying Jean and Tonix and Lydia Jazmine, and many other celebs.

It is a thing by the way, this cyber-bullying. When one uses technology to embarrass, harass or threaten another. Maximum jail sentence for cyberbullying. Or job loss.

Just ask Christine Karungi, better known as Tina Fierce and famed for a TV show that disses living and non living things.

For those not in the know, a certain celebrity and her boyfriend made noise about having been bullied by the Fierce one.
Fierce One has since lost her onscreen gig.
Not cool.

What is cool though is her fans have started some campaign to send her some ka money.
Then some other jama got inspired.

Hours later, a video made rounds of the jama, who goes by the moniker ‘MC Ibrah’ having a go at Jazmine.
This is the guy I have been talking about up there. You need to watch it to see why people out there believe journalism is a joker’s job.

Banange! If unprofessional was a person, Ibrah would be it together with many more masqueraders like him.
By the time this piece was written, Jazmine had demanded for an apology. And rightly so. She cited her sick mother who has since become worse because of what she had heard.

Cyberbullying, or any other kind of bullying is not cool. It does lead to depression, shame, low self esteem and what not.
But then, Ibrah and his kind, have kissed sanity goodbye in search of ‘views’ and ‘likes’.

People with Ibrah’s kind of platform should be preaching love. That too will get you likes by the way.
On a lighter note, lest I forget, government masks are out.

Yellow like this…
Oh, you will need a national ID and registered telephone number to get one.
No ‘yay’?

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