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Chameleone, Kasuku speak out on Prophet Mbonye prophecy about Kyadondo bombings

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

It is ten years since the twin bombings in Uganda that claimed at least 74 lives. As Uganda remembered ten years after terror attacks in Kampala, Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s followers, the remnants, have come out to say that Mbonye prophesied about the attacks a month before they happened.

During one of his fellowship meetings in May 2010 at Hotel Triangle, a venue the fellowship was once held at, Mbonye prophesied about the terrorist bomb attacks that were to happen in Kampala

Could this have been averted if the warning that had been put out by Prophet Elvis Mbonye had been taken seriously?

In a video featuring personalities such as social critic and presenter Isaac Katende commonly known as Kasuku, Kyadondo Rugby Club manager Tolbert Onyango, singer Jose Chameleone, security expert Dixon Okello as well as survivors of the terrorist attacks, Mbonye ministries say not only did Prophet Mbonye prophesy about the attacks but because some of the remnants covered the nation in prayer, the attacks did not inflict as much damage as the terrorists had originally planned.

Jose Chameleone says he remembers reading the prophesy, adding that unfortunately, Ugandans could have missed it because they like taking everything as a joke.

Presidential aspirant Joseph Kabuleta who is also a remnant says Mbonye’s prophesy of the terror attacks of July 11, 2010, awakened the ‘powers that be’ to the foresight of prophet Elvis Mbonye and thereafter, when he prophesied, they took preemptive action, which may have averted attacks in Uganda in the years following that tragedy.

In the video, that was posted on Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s YouTube channel, one of the survivors, Robert Ssemujju, who sustained a crushed skull, says Mbonye had prophesied about the event.

Anita Bananuka, a teacher, says she attended the fellowship at which Mbonye prophesied about the attacks that took place as Ugandans watched Spain face-off with the Netherlands in the final at Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kasuku said after the attacks, the nation was frozen in fear and everything came to a standstill in Uganda until Mbonye brought back life to Kyadondo with his fellowships there. He concluded by saying there is a reason why the prophet attracts over five thousand followers every time there is a fellowship.

We leave you with a question, how serious should we take this prophet?

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