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Ayla Mayanja makes her father proud

Jose Chameleone’s daughter Ayla Mayanja

Every parent’s dream is to see their children successful. This is what Jose Chameleon is going through at the moment after his oldest Ayla Onsea Mayanja graduated a few days ago.

Ayla graduated in studies related to Art, Photography, Fashion and Design.

“Congratulations and enjoy your Graduation day my daughter Ayla keep shining. See you soon when we breakdown the lockdown,” posted Chameleone.

The 18-year old resides in Belgium with her mother Griet Onsea alias Dorotia.

Ayla Mayanja with her mother commonly known as Dorotia

Chameleone dated Dorotia back in the late 90s during the time he was stabilizing his music career and it is said she played a very big role by financing his musical career.

The two ended this relationship and she decided to go back to Belgium and started a new life.

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