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Styling your slip skirt

Slip it on. The slip skirt looks simple but it is one of those tricky pieces to pull off or switch up to fit different occassions.

In vogue or not, I believe any fashion item you choose to wear should be anything but comfortable. This will not only make you look good in whatever you wear, but will also make wearing it, fun. And the slip skirt will give you just that; comfort and the right amount of confidence you need to get your sexy back.

This versatile bottom piece is perfect for any setting as it will give you a different look, depending on how you style it. Today, we look at some styling options, and how you can quickly blend your slip skirt to fit your personal style.

Begin with finding a piece of this skirt that you will love. Since the fabric of this skirt is silky, it looked very beautiful when worn in bold shades such as pink, green and even red. However, there are also some printed options, particularly animal prints and polka dots.

The easiest ways to get on with this trend is by wearing it with a small fitted plain tee, tucked it at the front and add some cool sneakers on this. You can layer this with a denim jacket and add a fanny pack for the perfect street style look.

You can also fit this into your work wardrobe, by wearing your skirt with a nude or black body suit, and add a boyfriend blazer. Add some blocked heels and nice tote for the ideal Wednesday look to the office. The length on these is mostly midi so you do not have to worry about it being too indecent for the office. To make this look cooler, you can roll up your blazer sleeves.

For the third look, something that could possibly work for a casual date night, you can wear your slip skirt in a dashing hue, and add a white or brown oversized sweater. Depending on what your preferences are, you can add mules, and a vintage bag for the perfect look.

If you are wondering where to purchase these, they are available in most places, so you can check out some of your favourite boutiques; both up and down town. However, stores such as Sash’z Closet, Fashion Loft Ug, Dazzle fit Ug, and Abduz Spot would be ideal to begin your search.

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