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Is your ka house Zoom meet proper?

So, which is the best part of your house?
I mean, if for example you had to hold a Zoom meeting with colleagues or some random jamas, which part of your house would you want to show off?

For those not yet in the know, Zoom is probably the best app for video chats during these past ‘Covidful’ months. During this Covid period, the ‘comfort of wherever you are’ is usually at home, since the lockdown has made physical interactions hard to achieve.

For the elite, complete with bushy beards — I mean the men — the most ideal part of the house to hold a Zoom meeting has been in front of a brand new bookshelf.

Apart from the several fancy book titles, some other Zoomers, including politicians, artistes, journalists and sports personalities – amateurish and all — have opted for backgrounds dotted with decorations such as wall baskets, family portraits, gourds and calabashes thrown here and there, or the best of their curtains.

Cute backgrounds make them seem intelligent and so comfortable that some end up just throwing on a shirt with nothing below. The ‘zoomers’ also appear serious, as if, if you are to go by responses on the Twitter account ‘Bookcase Credibility’.

So again, where would you hold your Zoom meet if you had to? Will you be ready to welcome the world to yours or would you rather break into panic mode just like my Najjera friend’s experience early this week.

So abrupt it was, that Musa, an elite on the outside, had to find an alternative to his ‘studio apartment’. He prefers to call it that but it is basically one tiny room with a bed here, a gas cooker there and a door to the washroom in the corner.

It also boasts one of the lowest hanging ceilings I have ever seen, not so pretty curtains and of course, you guessed right, no shelf or books.

From whichever angle he placed his laptop, the background was bound to let him down. No way was he getting the gig.

Frantic calls to his Najjera buddies left him stuck.
In the end, he made do with his room with the hideous curtains, and a battered Liverpool FC scarf.

He had to move some of his property around, choosing to instead, leave in his video fame, two black and white photos from his graduation ceremony a couple of years ago.

A quick search on Zoom background features saved the day, giving his interviewers no chance to take a peek into his private life.

His first of the so many meets that followed taught him some valuable life lessons. He has since invested in a couple of books, including Sowing the Mustard Seed. It is not too late for you too.

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