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Colour combos to explore

Brighter days. Tweny tweny may seem like a goner but let it not cramp our style. For the fashionistas, let’s play with some colour.


Sometimes, breathing life into your wardrobe is as easy as simply inventing a whole new shades combination and you could change your whole fashion life. Colour combinations, especially when blocked, are one of the oldest tricks in the style book and will work like magic, every time. So, today we are going to explore some of the new and haute colour block options you can consider employing to your style, for that much needed wardrobe revamp.

Pink and yellow
Yummy, right? Well, pink is possibly every girl’s favourite colour. So one of the ways you could begin styling your pink pieces is by wearing them with yellow. You can have either shades on whichever part of the body you prefer and go on to slay your way into our good fashion books. You can wear your pink dress pants and add a yellow chiffon top, for the perfect look. Keep the rest of the accessories on this in nude, so as not to go overboard with the hues.
Tan and maroon
This colour combo is the perfect go to if you are trying to have something that’s muted, but still able to make a fashion statement. Tan can tend to be dark and quite basic for a shade, so adding maroon over it gives it a splash of colour without necessarily being over the top. For this, you could play around with having maroon as your main piece and add the tan in your accessories, say with a jacket, bag or shoes.

Pink and grey
The beauty about this combo is you will be able to achieve a look that’s both fashion forward and classy in the sense. Grey is obviously a muted hue so adding pink is your way of having some colour to uplift your grey. You can have the grey shade on as the base, and add your pink as the accessory, or alternate the two. Whatever option you choose will still work like magic.
This match also works perfectly for guys who want to pull off a pink look, but with some macho element to it.

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