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You cried for Floyd but can’t cry for Tegu?

Deceased. Emmanuel Tegu

Emmanuel Tegu, a third year student of Bachelor of Animal Production Technology, died at the weekend after being beaten to pulp by security personnel.

After ridiculously contradicting statements as to who actually beat him, police now say private security guards protecting one of the banks at the university participated in his beating. It is alleged that he was beaten because he was abusing curfew.

I do not know how old Tegu was but he definitely was a young man with a lot to live for. To think that he was killed at the ivory tower where he thought his bright future would be actualised is absurd, to say the least. I am not trying to sensationalise his death, and yes he is not the first student to lose a life at the university but does this make it any less sad?

The point here is that so called security personnel are acting with impunity and all we do is make noise about it for a week or two, put up #justiceforwhoeverthevicticmisatthetime and then move on swiftly to what we think is more interesting, say Bad black’s latest People Power shenanigans or Zari’s credential queries.

Now just a few days after Tegu passed on, a video of a group of UPDF soldiers and Local Defence Unit personnel shoving and harrasing Joseph Luzige, the chairman of Mityana District, was shared on social media. And there are a number of other cases of police and army brutality being reported.

I do not know about you but this trend scares the boots off my two left feet. In the name of enforcing curfew guidelines, we are being killed and brutalised. So what’s worse, coronavirus or impunity?

The other day when a man called George Floyd far away from our humble Uganda was murdered by police in cold blood, we were very concerned. We posted on our social, “Black lives matter”, we condemned the American police, even put that ka black thing on our statuses and timelines mbu in solidarity for the injustice. I know some Ugandans who even wept and wrote poems eulogising Floyd. All this is good, it is a display of ubuntu. Please continue and may God bless you for me.

But what about when your own keep getting killed, why do we just look on as if it is okay. I know you, like me are too cowardly to participate in street riots but what about using your so-called influencer self to fight for such injustice to end instead of waking up daily to froth at the mouth about celebrities’ weird life choices.

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