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Yes, you helped me but must I owe you for life?

Just because you have helped someone in life does not mean that they should forever be a slave to you. It does not mean that you should forever use that to blackmail them.

Yes you helped them, so what now? Should they come prostrating before you? Worship you? Bring burnt offerings to you?

“Mbu can you imagine? I am even the one who helped her get that job. If it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t be where she is.” Okay, yes, now she is where she is. So what?

People will see someone doing great in their life and try to claim credit for that greatness. Okay, if you are the one who made that greatness, what made you not become great yourself?

Let’s stop overrating the help we have given people in life and underrating their own efforts. Yes, you may have helped at some point in life, but I also helped myself.

You mean to say you were thinking for these people, making the decisions for them? If you helped them get a job or start a business, are you the one who is now working on the deliverables? Are you the one running the business?

Yes, it is good for people to be grateful in life to those who have helped them. But just because you have ever helped someone, it does not mean that you should now use that to control them.

People who help others, stop reminding them every time, every where. Stop blackmailing people. Mutugyekko entondo.

Yes, you helped them. Good. But did anyone force you to help them? If you didn’t want, you shouldn’t have helped them.

By the way for me, if you ever help me and think that you will use that to control me, I will trash you. I am a king, not just of Bunyoro or Tooro but of Yoruba!
The “Namuyamba” crew mwefuge!

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