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Ugandans ain’t loyal… but let’s cut Aceng some slack

So the once beloved Health minister Ruth Aceng was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She forgot to wear the mask she and other important people have been preaching about for the past many months. And now the very people who were praising her for a stellar performance have gathered and are demanding that she be burnt at the stake.
To think that some people were saying mbu she should even run for president or that the President might get envious of all her newfound fame and throw her out. People were even posting her on their timelines and statuses mbu #WomanCrushWednesday. But now, one mistake later, she is the most criticised and ridiculed person of the week. Ugandans ain’t loyal! They will love you one minute and the turn around and vilify you the moment you even as much as breath in the wrong direction.

I honestly think she was just ordered to vie for that political seat because she was the woman of the moment and perhaps the sunshine party figured they should ride on that fame to get the party mileage. And like the dutiful cadre, she said yes and for this she will pay dearly.
Even people who have been wearing their masks below their hairy nostrils are making noise and pointing fingers not to mention the ones who have never worn one. I think it is safe to say that people are just looking for a Jesus to crucify for all the pent-up stress brought about by this Covid-19 disrupted existence. And as it so happens, the lot fell on Aceng.

If I were Aceng, I would spin the whole thing to my advantage. You know how when you are caught in the wrong, you turn yourself into the victim. And cry about how fighting Covid-19 has taken a toll on you and how we are all human and can forget and how today it is me and tomorrow it will be someone else and how we should instead come together and fight rather than be mean about it?

Or she could say she was demonstrating the dangers of walking around with no mask. And that she is glad that her act of bravery drew a lot of concern about mask usage. Which means that Ugandans are as vigilant as should be. Or that with all the work she has been doing, it had been a while since she last felt good, hence getting into that brief entanglement but that it was over and that it was time to move on.
Seriously though, let the woman be. She has learnt her first of many lessons in petty politics. I wonder what the next will be.

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