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Did boda guys listen to Sevo’s speech though?

I t has been a week now since boda boda riders resumed regular operations and none has asked for my phone number. What do I do to get my number taken by the boda boda rider? I know I should demand that it be taken because safety ‘touches on’ us all but I want to see if they can actually initiate the process.
Every morning, for the past five days I have taken a boda boda to work and still, nothing. I have not been offered hand sanitiser, not even soap and water. It is as if Covid-19 never even happened or as if the President did not make it clear that they have to ask for our names, phone numbers and NINs before taking us to our destinations.

All they do is ask us where we are going, how much we have and carefully take us to our destination. They are not even over charging or engaging us in crazy convos about their lives like they used to. If I did not know any better, I’d say they did not even listen to that speech or that they listened but did not think those SOPs were applicable to them. They probably thought the President was talking to the boda boda association of Arusha, Tanzania. Unless of course they had a ka separate meeting with the important people to which we were not invited.

Because how else would you explain why even after saying they cannot work after 6pm or that they are not to operate in the central business district of Kampala, they still do? Or perhaps the speech was a cryptic message to them that only they and him can understand. When he says do not, what he actually means is, abeg, please do.
Us ordinary people might need a special 30 years training on government directives and what they really mean, especially during political campaign seasons. But also in my next life, I want to be a boda guy in Kampala.

Last Sunday, some bizonto who thought they were boda guys went to La’Venti bar in Najjera to party and got caught. Now we all know that there are many people sneakily partying away in various locations. This is wrong but at least they are criminal enough to do it like the ‘sneaky thieves’ they are, hide it. This lot in question figured they might as well flaunt their foolishness by recording themselves and posting on social media for all and sundry.
Here’s the thing, if you must commit a crime, at least be smart. You cannot be a criminal and also a nitwit all in one lifetime.

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