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I’m worried but the rest of the family, not much




The year 2020 was meant to be a milestone year for us. On February 4, I sent messages to family, friends and well-wishers, letting them know that finally, we had a candidate. Our firstborn daughter had started P7. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Hubby told me not to fuss and that she would be just fine. He is right. But I still fussed! And the school did not help matters. Parents of P7 pupils had more meetings than usual with the school administration, which I must admit I was impressed with. They were determined to walk this journey with us and the meetings were to make sure we were on the same page. I had also reworked my schedule in order to be home early in the evenings to help with revision and the exercises. I was abuzz with the excitement and the responsibility.

And then March 20 happened. Schools were closed and children brought back home. But studying continued, so we set up class at home. Timetables were created for her and her sister because the school was still sending exercises and having online classes. Although it was tough, there were things I liked about the home arrangement. As the maker of the timetable, and since I was working from home on some days, I included longer breaks, and lots of play and creative activities. The last weeks of March and all of April were lots of fun. We studied together. But May came along and by early June, fatigue had set in. The school called for a three-week break which we were happy to take. Now that it is done however, there is no clear way forward and you cannot blame them. With the ministry of Education not sure about resumption of classes or if there will be PLE this year, they are not sure where to head.

I have resumed the home classes with content I have picked from various places and we are plodding on. But sometimes, my mind slips back to all the plans we had made. We had planned to visit the two first schools she had picked for her choices for secondary school, so she could have an idea of where she could be going. At home, we had started getting her acclimatised to what life would be like in boarding school. Plus, I had started planning for how to engage her little sister once her companion started boarding school in 2021. We still try as much as possible to keep things that way. But some nights I sleep late, wondering what the rest of this year is going to look like as far as that milestone is concerned. I am the only worried one though. Everyone else in the house is just fine and taking each day as it comes. Perhaps I should pick a lesson from them.

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