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This is why Vinka is reluctant to release many songs this year




Ever since this year started, different local artistes have released several songs and albums.

During the three months corovirus-induced total lockdown, we had relatively more new songs bombarding us than ever before.

However, to Vinka, real name Veronica Luggya, she’s not in a hurry to release many songs because she’s thinks it’s not financially viable.

The Sony artiste who, this week released her first song since the year started says it’s wiser to release few songs at a time.

Titled, ‘Love Panic’, Vinkasays the song is off her new album she’s yet to release.

Produced by Nessim, arguably the best producer this year, Vinka speaks [in the songs] of how she feels about her man. How she’s deep in love with everything about him.

Asked why ‘Love Panic’ comes out now, Vinka told us she released several songs last year.

“I just dropped an album last year so it wasn’t wise to rush into the next album, “she says.

Contrary to what she did last year after releasing a song every month, the ‘Chips n Ketchup’ artiste believes it is not wise to keep releasing music every now and then.

“I still think it’s wise to release a few songs….why? Because the more music you release the more you spend on videos and music promotion as well. Most musicians here in Uganda earn from shows and very few earn digitally since Ugandan music sites get Ugandan music for free.”

Despite being signed by Sony, Vinka is still closely working with Swangz Avenue on a number of projects including this particular one.

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