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The audience likes me and it feels good


New kid: Since she got onto the set of NTV Mix Show, lockdown Fridays have never been the same. Etania Mutoni first caught the eye of many in 2017 when she was pictured in tears as she hugged Wizkid on stage at Lugogo Cricket Oval. She is a known party animal and looks like it is finally paying off, as Isaac Ssejjombwe finds out.

1.That incident at the Wizkid show when you cried on stage, what was that all about?
It is no secret how much I love Wizkid, so I was so happy to see him for the first time, I could not hold back the tears.
I paid for a VVIP ticket so that I could be able to get upclose with him but I had no idea that he would pull me out of the crowd. After the show, I just went to the after party and danced my life away.

2.How did you get to be part of the NTV Mix Show?
I think NTV got me on the table because people on different social media platforms kept asking for me. For some reason, they thought I would do the TV battles justice. So NTV approached me and there was no way I could turn the offer down. They wanted to see my vibe on TV and so far being part of the team feels amazing. I love seeing people happy, I love to entertain people and being able to make people smile during this lockdown is the best thing. I hope it is a permanent deal.

3.Are you considering a career in broadcast going forward?
Yes. Being on TV has opened my eyes to so much more. For example, I am thinking about exploring emceeing and hyping, God willing.

4.What do you like most about the show?
I like that the audience appreciates my energy and cheers me on. People are happy that I am on the show and it feels good.
And after the lockdown has been lifted, I believe the programme will still be important but we will have to wait and see because I have so many plans.

5.Who is Etania outside party life?
I come from a family of three girls and I am the oldest. I was raised by my mother and went to different schools since I was a naughty girl. I attended Tropical High School, Hannah Mixed International and Pride College School, Mpigi among others.

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