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If Aba got arrested, I would give him company – Shan

Shan and Abba are a music duo known as Hitnature and they came up with their stage name after a dream of making only hit music that comes naturally. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with them.

Tell me about yourself.
I am Shanon Mayega, a songwriter, producer in training, in a duo called the Hitnature and under Tensai Music, a record label.
What kind of relationship do you have with Abba?
We are cousins, but we were not close until Senior Four when we were put in the same school. That is how we started writing songs and we have never stopped. He knows me more than I know myself and vice-versa.
When and where did you meet?
Senior Four because that is when we became close.
Your best memories of him… I would beat box and he does a rap battle with John Blaq. The battles would take place during break time until the director of studies would just come with a cane to chase us away. Those battles never ended.
What do you like about him?
His brain is like 50 years older than his body. Aba never forgets where he passed and can grasp a nonstop music mix of two hours. He sings it while adding the effects, beat breaks and the transitions.
What do you dislike about him?
One day, I was so lazy that I did not want to go to studio. The guy was furious yet I had to watch some live wrestling match which I ended up missing. We arrived late and the studio in Ntinda was closed. Imagine how I felt. He is unnecessarily persistent and persuasive.
Craziest things you did together…?
Once we were broke and we would walk from Kireka to Kiwatule where our studio was. We found people taking soda and we also wanted to fit in. So we bought soda too with the money that was supposed to be our transport back home. We had to walk back to Kireka at 3am.
His nickname is…?
I cannot say because he will kill me. I made a promise but just know it is about porridge.

How far can you go to help him?
I can do anything for him. If he got arrested, I would also commit a crime to give him company.

Tell me about yourself.
I am Abaasi Nsubuga, alias Aba, one half of the dancehall/rap duo Hitnature.
What kind of relationship do you have with Shan?
His mother is my mother’s niece but I consider him my brother.
When did you meet him?
I first met Shanon about six years ago at HTEC, a school in Bweyogerere.
What are your fondest memories of him?
The times we perform for the people who love music and the times we create good music together. Doing what we love basically.
What do you like about him?
His work ethic and he always tries to entertain those around him. He does not want to see anyone sad.
What do you dislike about him?
He is a talker but a big liar.
Craziest things you did together…?
Very many. One time, we went to Tanzania to shoot a video and we had to stand on cliffs and huge rocks by the turbulent water on the coast.
His nickname is…
Young Jaja because of his grey hair.
Have you ever teamed up to fight someone?
Yes, a man made us drive up to almost Mbale for a show. On arrival, he was disrespectful and did not have the money. So, we exchanged a few words and that was it
How far can you go to help him?
As far as possible.
How best would you describe Shan?
He is strong, funny, devoted and hardworking.


How best would you describe Aba?
He can engange a conversation for all age groups from Sponge Bob to football. He is kind, somehow shy but sugarcoats it with being cool. He is smart and talented, I do not know how many songs he has grasped.
Have you ever teamed up to fight someone?
We are ‘monks’, we do not fight. When we get attacked by someone in bars or shows, we walk away.

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