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Inside ‘the flying palace’ with a walk-in shower


If it was a passenger carrier, this twin-deck 747-8i jet has a capacity of upto 400 travellers.

The Boeing 747-8i can ordinarily carry up to 400 passengers, but this one has been transformed into one of the world’s largest private jets with an incredible interior.

We all dream of what we would spend our millions on if we won the lottery. A fancy sports car, a mansion, luxury holidays and a private jet are just a few of the things you may choose to spend your cash on.

But when you’ve got that much money it’s important to aim high – why have a Porsche when you can have a Ferrari? So how about a mansion in the sky?

Meet the bespoke twin-deck Boeing Business Jet 747-8i – with an interior so large it looks like a luxury hotel in the sky.

The incredible jet liner, owned by an anonymous Middle Eastern businessman, is incredibly exclusive as one of the few 747-8i aircraft owned privately.

The luxurious bed and dining area gives passengers a feel of home away from home.


Sadly, it’s not for sale – unless you’re a businessman or woman with very, very, deep pockets. The cost of the aircraft hasn’t been listed anywhere but its value is expected to be in the hundreds of millions of pounds.

Less than 10 private jets the size of a Boeing 747 are believed to be currently flying due to the astronomical costs that come with running it. The huge aircraft could carry 400 passengers if it was used commercially.

It comes complete with an enormous master bedroom and en-suite bathroom – meaning passengers can leave the plane without looking disheveled. To keep things quiet, the master-suite is located at the furthest point from the Rolls-Royce turbine engines.

But if you’re not lucky enough to bag that bedroom, all suites feature walk-in showers and wardrobe space to hang up your clothes. And when you want to socialise with your guests, the plane includes a stylish living room with three couches and a coffee table, so there’s space for all. And on top of that, passengers can relax and chill in the dining room or stateroom.

The 747 can comfortably fit 30 guests, with an extra 20 at a squeeze, thanks to its roomy interior. Its impressive fuel tank has a range of 7,700 nautical miles, meaning you can fly to almost every major city in the world non-stop.
The incredible transformation was carried out by design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto who turned the 4,000 sq ft of floor space into an unbelievable home of luxury. It took four years of gruelling work to design and build the state-of-the-art space.


Normally, this size of plane is reserved for national governments, commercial airlines or cargo carriers.
Designer Yves Pickardt told Altitudes Magazine: “The owner wasn’t looking for anything outrageously luxurious, with gold and diamonds. He called for some simplicity, which in the end is indeed the true luxury.”

From the outside, the standard looking aircraft gives no clue about the astonishing space. But as soon as you step inside, it becomes clear you are travelling in a style that mere mortals in economy can only dream of.

The interior has been kitted out in a contemporary nautical theme in a nod to the owner’s other favourite mode of transport – a luxury superyacht, obviously. Cabinet Alberto Pinto was tasked with following a simple brief by the businessman: to make it feel like a home away from home. After all, when you’re travelling the world, it is nice to have your home comforts.

After weeks in isolation, it is fair to say many of us are desperate to get away, and would settle for a drive. But when the skies reopen, the owner of this plane must be dying for a long-haul journey so they really relax.
Passengers can control the lighting, TV screens, and have their own personal reading lamps if they get bored of watching blockbusters.

Experts say private jets could become more popular as the coronavirus pandemic puts the super-rich off commercial airlines. But many of us will continue to enjoy a staycation.

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