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Brian Mulondo hosts wife, Manuela on D’Mighty Breakfast

It was an interesting and fun moment when KFM presenter, Brian Mulondo hosted and interviewed his wife Manuela Pacutho Mulondo on… parenting! Manuela who will soon be launching her book, Stop, Listen to Your Child Think was on the show to speak about a different way to raise children and Brian could not stop pouring praises on her.

“I have known her for 15 years now, married eight years now and I can vouch for her without a shadow of doubt that she is passionate about what we are going to talk about. Please, welcome my wife… please! Clap more, clap more,” he joked as he introduced her.

“Are we clapping for 24 hours?” Maritza, Brian’s co-host joked about the endless clapping.

At the start of the show, Brian said that Manuela had come to visit him and confirm whether he actually works and Maritza joked that she would be disappointed. However, Manuela said she loved being on the show and she does not know why he gets tired.

Speaking about her book and parenting, Manuela said that along with Brian, they are starting to give their parenting a new face. She noted however that it has come with its challenges.

“Unfortunately for us, we are trying to revolutionise parenting and it’s going to be hard. I can’t say it’s going to be easy because we know life a certain way,” she said.

Manuela said it’s difficult because it’s not the way they were raised but she’s very hopeful that their children will find it easy.

Manuela who is launching her book, on 27th June says that it talks about parents’ role in the upbringing of children.

“In the book, one of the themes is the importance of parents to provide three things that is, the environment, the experiences and the interactions,” she said.

The book costs Shs40,000 and the launch will be an online event.


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