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Bebe Cool trolled for questioning Nkurunziza death account



Ugandan musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool (left) and deceased Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza (right). Courtesy/AFP photo


Ugandan musician Bebe Cool was on Tuesday trolled on social media after he posted questioning Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza’s cause of death.

The government of Burundi said Tuesday that Nkurunziza, 55, died of heart failure, just months before he was to step down after 15 turbulent years at the head of the troubled nation.

However, several people have been speculating and questioning government account on his death given the fact that his wife, first lady Denise Bucumi, is currently recovering from the coronavirus in a Nairobi hospital after being evacuated late last month.

The Wakayima singer, real name Moses Ssali on Tuesday posted saying amateur politics was self-poison, reason he supports President Museveni.

“Amateur politics is self-poison and that’s why I support president M7,as in when you eat a frog,always eat a fat one. How does a man with such physical fitness health wise die of a heart attack? Am just a musician and what do I know? Anyway Just asking, putting the wife’s condition of being flown to Nairobi for Corona virus treatment aside, do Kenyans have the cure for covid-19?????? Rip president Nkurunziza,” Bebe Cool posted on his social media platforms.

However, the post attracted angry comments from some of his followers, most of whom reminded him of the footballers who have died on the pitch.

One such follower was Sebiranda Najib who said, “But I remember I have ever seen a footballer who fainted in the playground and died instantly. Should we say he was also poisoned! Sometimes I sit at my home and ask myself ‘ is Bebe Cool the problem oba the problem is Bebe Cool.”

“Plz ur just a musician ? thx for identifying yourself. Today you’ve proved to Museveni that he always puts u in wrong position of politics ,” Hustler Petter replied.

President Pierre Nkurunziza controls the ball during a past game in Bujumbura, Burundi, May 20, 2015. FILE PHOTO


Umaisha Mousa replied saying, “In my opinion, I think people should be sensitized about the huge difference between Cardiac arrest n Heart attack ? Whether you’re gyming 24/7 the truth is heart attack can’t spare!! Heart attacks are mostly triggered by excessive stress n uncontrolled anxiety ?? as long as your body is overwhelmed by uncontrolled stress, heart attack can’t spare you even if you’re physically fit!!”

However, Joe Elunya Snr was concerned that Bebe Cool’s account could have been hacked.

“Someone hacked Bebe’s account this can’t be him,” he said.“Talk about it!!! But according to the insiders,the guy was infected with Corona….he deliberately refused to seek for help while the wife and kids were flown to Agha Khan hospital in Nairobi for treatment,” Pretty Sharon replied to Bebe Cool’s post.

Nkurunziza first began to feel unwell after attending a volleyball match on Saturday, and appeared to be improving until he took a turn for the worse on Monday and his heart stopped, the presidency said in a statement.




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