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Bad Black threatens to sue government over failure to pay for Covid-19 advert


Socialite Bad Black





Socialite Bad Black has threatened to drag the government to court for failure to pay her for the Covid-19 advert she made.

In a post on her Snapchat account, Bad Black says she is weary of waiting for her payment.

“Ministry of Health, I’m tired of waiting for my payments. I’m also intelligent,” she posted.

In an intention-to-sue letter, Bad Black says she was approached by an agent of Ministry of Health, Mr Kisembo Ronex to make an advert that aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19 and also stop girls from getting in contact with truck drivers at the border.

The letter adds that Mr Kisembo, in an oral conversation agreed to take Bad Black to the President with whom they would discuss the amount she was going to be paid.

Bad Black demands that she is paid Shs500 million for the advert and an extra Shs50 million for the damages, inconvenience and mental anguish this has caused her.

She also said her lawyer has been called by a soldier from State House who claimed that the President wants information about the situation.

In support of Bad Black, Promoter Balaam and an NRM diehard has asked the person who contracted Bad Black to pay her immediately.



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