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I get peace on my balcony – Nana Kagga


Every woman at least has a special place at home. Many will fancy the bedroom while others spend a lot of time in the sitting room. For Nana Kagga, a socialite, the balcony off her bedroom is that place. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE explores more about her favorite part in her home.

A little bit about Nana Kagga
Nana Hill Kagga is a Ugandan actress, filmmaker, content creator, scriptwriter and motivational speaker. She is known for her work on The Life, Beneath The Lies – The Series as a writer and executive producer, and as an actress in shows such as Star Trek.

What is your favorite part of the house?
I would say its the verandah on my balcony just off my bedroom. It’s absolutely beautiful because there, I have an amazing view of Kampala for about 270 degrees and I also get to see Lake Victoria.

What is at that Veranda on the balcony?
There is a sofa which also acts as a day bed that sits in the corner of the balcony and a small breakfast table for two.
The bed/sofa is to basically sit outside and get that feeling of freedom while the breakfast table is for me to also sit outside and have breakfast while looking at Lake Victoria.


Nana Kagga

What is the most expensive item on that veranda?
The day-bed is the most expensive item in that area and I was charged shs700, 000 by our family carpenter. He strictly made what I wanted.
To me, I don’t believe anything in life should cost an arm and a leg if it is meant to have a story.

How about decoration. Do you have any in that area?
When I’m furnishing any of my spaces, I never ever want any theme. I go with feelings. I want to feel a certain way. A lot of my rooms do not have any sort of themes. They are very Africentric mixed in a of western modernised stuff. Again, all of it is built in Uganda or has been rescued from the dump-stars. All in all I love black frames

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