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WAGs Miami cast member says E! channel is racist

Hencha Voigt has come out to blame E-Entertainment for being racist and closing the WAGs show that had very many black people on it.

Hencha is a fitness model and a cast member of “WAGS” Miami Posting on her Instagram account, Hencha says that she has waited for four years so that she can hit back at E-Entertainment.

“This is a major lie and I have a bone. I have been wanting to pick with you guys for almost 4 years,” she posted.

The WAGs star says that the shows were cancelled because the new executive was against the image of the show that portrayed the black people lifestyle.

“Whoever that executive was thought the shows were too, let me find a good word for it, ‘GHETTO’ to be on E!” she said.

Hencha adds that she was asked to change her hairstyle which involved braids and Afros. She also says, they were not given any warning before being fired.

“They didn’t give us no warning, no apology, not even an email to warn us that we were getting FIRED!” she said.

Hencha called out the entertainment industry saying it is racist and only uses Black people to have a hand in black culture and then disposes them when they do not need them anymore.

Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) was a reality series on E Entertainment. The stars in this series were either dating or married to professional athletes and always showed what life was like being married to an athlete, and what came with the money and fame.

Some of the stars were Darnell Nicole, Ashley Nicole, Dominique Penn, Sasha Lee, Autumn Pierce and Kesha Denise.

Hencha’s comments come after E Entertainment posted on its Instagram account that it stands in solidarity with the black community against racism.

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