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The Monday troll : Sengas throng Joel Ssenyonyi’s home


Hours after Joel Ssenyonyi announced he had exited the virginity lounge at the weekend, Police responded to intel that People Power was organising women to demonstrate.

They stormed Ssenyonyi’s home and ordered the women to disperse.
“Afande, we’re only here to ensure that our son goes down properly,” said one of the women who was holding a bunch of strange-looking roots.


“It’s true, Afande,” added another with a bottle of herbs, who rasped on the gate as if for emphasis. “It’s only right that we show the newly-wed the ropes.” “Disperse!” bellowed a cop.

“You can come back after corona is contained.” “Owaye, corona doesn’t break marriages but poor service delivery in bed does,” a defiant woman shouted back as she banged on the gate with such force Ssenyonyi jolted from sleep. He had been dreaming but it was only after his askari confirmed that there were no women outside the gate that he returned to sleep.


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