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Salvado expecting Covid baby

Since the lockdown, comedian Patrick “Salvado” Idringi has been throwing house parties and making his Internet followers envious with numerous pictures of sumptuous meals. As we watched on, we noticed that he and his household were increasing in size.

While Salvado’s size was distributed between his cheeks and abdomen, his wife Daphine’s was concentrated on the abdomen. Like many of you, we thought it was just a food baby but with the months running on us, time has told that it is more than that – the couple is with child – their third child.

Although Salvado was tightlipped on how far along they are, a source close to the couple told us Daphne is seven months pregnant, meaning that she will be giving birth around July. Now it all makes sense why Salvado has been ‘pretending’ to be a busy body around the house, washing dishes, cooking, and what not. Good on you guys and congrats on your forthcoming covid baby!

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