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Ratata… it’s Zex Bilangilangi

Opportunities. Zex Bilangilangi says having his song breakout during this period is only a blessing in disguise.

Trending: Ratata is without doubt one of the lockdown bangers. It is the feel good song that has helped us get through this period and as Zex Bilangilangi says, it has only opened the door to his career. David S Mukooza

1.Who Is Zex Bilangilangi?
My real name is Tadeo Mayega. I am a simple ghetto youth trying to break barriers and I want to prove to people that everything is possible despite your background. I was spotted from the ghetto voice search by Bobi Wine in the late 2014 and I started my career with the guidance of the ghetto gladiator himself alongside Nubian Li. I am also a paintertainer (I paint everything for fashion and I am an art activist) with a clothing label named Bilangilangi.
My stage name Zex Bilangilangi was born in high school. It was coined from three words; Z from zealous, E from enormous and X for xtreme while Bilangilangi is the fashion painting I do.

2. What have you been upto before Ratata?
Music has always been my thing but from way back I have been doing visual art, so I have been engaged in this kind of work, especially big visual art works on walls before I decided to do it on clothes so that when I stand on stage everybody can see a full package of art in me as I also built the name Bilangilangi. It has been a strategy to hit two birds with one stone. So this is what I have been doing and will continue doing even after the success of Ratata.

3. How do you feel, especially that your breakthrough has come during lockdown?
I have been doing music for some good time and I am still recording but Ratata has without a doubt broken the doors for me. I do not feel bad that it has happened in lockdown like many would expect but I feel rather challenged. I take it as a blessing in disguise that I have a song that is taking the stress off people during this time. I feel blessed that I have made people jump and scream in their houses and I am sure the sky is the limit.

4. What is your post-Covid strategy?
I will be working harder because you know music does not stop. During war, you will see soldiers singing, even in times of hunger or famine people need music. I have so many collabos, including one with Pallaso so we have to continue pushing. I am getting prepared because with God on my side shows will be booked and I am optimistic we shall have a good journey ahead.

5. You said you started your career with Bobi Wine and Nubian Li, how come you are not active?
Music is a journey, my brother. There are so many guys down there, the clock ticks once and it is your time. The thing about music is that people never recognise you until you break through. I know some day many guys with whom I was in the Ghetto search will come through and slowly the world will know that the firebase army still has fire burning.

Dream collabo… Akon, because he was a ghetto guy like me.
Top five now… Corona Virus song by Bobi Wine and Nubian lee, Sharp Shooter by Chozen Blood, Boom Party by Cindy, song Fefe Bussi and then Ratata.

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